About Me

Am I an artist? 

I prefer the term Maker…  

In a former life, I was a “left-brained”science teacher. At the end of my teaching career, I found myself teaching and studying in the “right-brained” arts. At this point in time, I still have a brain, but I’m not sure to which side it leans.

I aim to communicate ideas visually in my art.  To this end, materiality is second to concept. While personal experience is the foundation of my work, the themes of discrimination, sustainability and the effects of technology are continually revisited. 

I love working with fusible glass because of its many properties. It can be transparent or opaque, strong yet fragile, vibrant or subdued, two dimensional or sculptural.  It can be recycled and is weatherproof. There is magic in every fusing.

I am equally passionate about textiles.  The processes are endless, but my favourites are felting, batik, knitting and quilting.

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